Works in Progress for November 2013

I am working on three pieces at the moment: I’ve recently begun a song cycle consisting of settings of poems by the early 20th century poet Amy Lowell. The work  is scored for soprano, oboe and piano. Ms Lowell was quite a controversial character in her day and her verse really resonates with me. I also enjoy Ms Lowell’s poems because they are both lyrical and imaginative.

The Old Woman and the Sparrow is a piece for flute, clarinet and narrator. The text is an adaption of a Japanese folk tale. It is a poignant little story that should appeal to children of all ages (not to mention flutists and clarinetists).

In addition, I’ve begun the second movement of a three movement work called Acacias.  A few varieties of acacias grow here in Tucson and I’m writing this piece to celebrate these wonderful trees. The work is scored for low brass trio ( horn, trombone and tuba).

I hope to have a few  score samples to share by the end of the month so stay tuned!

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