Chamber Music

Riparian Dance #1 (2005) (6 min.)
for the Sonoran Winds

Marching in Place (2003) (7:30 min) PDF Sample
for the Lawrence University Wind Ensemblemarch.mp3

To Run With the Antelopes for Alto Saxophone and Band(1998) (7 min.)
for Michael Hester

Notturno for Soprano Saxophone and Band (1994) (8 min.) (+)

2 thoughts on “Chamber Music”

    1. It’s a pleasure to hear from you, Mr. Barone:
      Below are the program notes for my Songs of Creation.
      Currently, the work doesn’t have a publisher, however Marijim and I are hoping to secure a publisher in the near future. In the meantime, anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the work may contact me at this website.
      Thank you!

      Songs of Creation:
      The composition is based upon the Hohokam Creation Myth. The Hohokam were the indigenous people of Southern Arizona/Northern Mexico whose decedents are the Tohono O’odam, Yaqui and Pima tribes.The work is divided into six sections. The first section (Song of Damkatchim) is is song to heaven ( Damkatchim).Makai Creates the Earth is about is a medicine man of sorts sent from Damkatchim. Section three tells of the medicine man and Siuuhu and person created from heaven and earth who together create man and woman. The Dream Music) is a mysterious section of music  which depicts when the man and women are asleep after their creation.The Creation of the Animals ( they are created by the man and woman) is a particularly playful section of music.The work concludes joyously with The Dance of the Animals.
      The specific flute called for in the piece is Navaho-Ute in origin.This instrument (pitched in G minor) has a particularly haunting quality to it. Much of the musical material is in the style of Native American music of Arizona. The composition is played without pause.

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