Three Pieces for 4 Saxophones

This ten minute work is in three distinct movements

The first piece is entitled ‘Greasing the Wheel’. Here a jagged series of staccatos depicts a whimsical machine clanking away. Intermittently, these figures include smoother interludes. Our machine continues to sputter along until the well-greased wheel whizzes away, out of sight!

In piece number, (Woebegotten Blues) the music slowly slides along with a series of deep sighs. Just at the point when things slowly slide to a halt, the piece changes gears, moving along with a jazzy groove. Finally, deep sighs return and the blues fade away.

The final piece, (March of the Leafcutter Ants), is in homage of the little creatures who drag bits of leafs long distances to their nests. As are the ants, the music is constant and persistent.

A score and set of parts is available on request.

Take a listen to the midi recording:

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