Jay Vosk

Music composition has played a central roll in my life. For me writing music fulfills a personal need to express myself in a creative fashion.This may be obtained in a variety of ways. Crafting a solo suite for trumpet can be as exciting as constructing a multi-movement work for orchestra. Writing a two minute children’s song can be just as rewarding as writing a two hour opera.

I try always to to be involved with several projects often in different styles and instrumentations. Whether I write something that is direct and accessible or something that is highly structured and challenging, my  purpose is to write something that is well crafted and honest.

I have also found that collaboration is an important part of the composer’s creative process. I value the performer’s input regarding the idiosyncrasies of their respective instruments or ensembles. I value the dancer/choreographer’s suggestions regarding form, time and space. When I work with a poet or librettist, I treat every work of their text with the utmost care and respect. When working with a client on a commission, I go far beyond writing something that’s idiomatic for the instrument but is a highly creative work customized for that particular client.

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