Born in New York City in 1948, I attended the Eastman School of Music and the University of Michigan earning BM and MM degrees in Music Composition respectively. My composition teachers include Warren Benson, Samuel Adler, Ross Lee Finney and Leslie Bassett.

Since 1980 I’ve resided in Tucson, Arizona where I have been a part-time performer/educator and a full-time composer. In 1996, I was the recipient of the Tucson/Pima Arts Council Composer’s Fellowship . My portfolio includes over 100 works for a variety of media.These include commissions from the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Contrabass virtuoso Bertram Turetzsky, Native American Flutist Carlos Nakai, Organists David Gay and Marijim Thoene and the Arizona Repertory Singers. In addition, my ‘Canyons ‘ for String Quartet was performed by members of the National Symphony Orchestra as part of their Composer Residency Commissioning Project.

My interests also include collaborative pieces with artists of other disciplines. These include music for dance, theater and video. Recently,excerpts from my opera Kinyamaswah which I wrote along with librettist Andreas Morgner, was performed at Howard University. My music has been performed in Europe and Asia as well as throughout the United States.



7 thoughts on “Biography”

  1. Hi Jay,
    Do you do piano transcriptions? I have small segments from time to time that I need professional help with.

  2. Hi Jay:
    I am or was a dear friend your sister Lori or Loretta as she preferred to be called.
    We were roommates in college & traveled together after .
    I often think of my kind, brilliant & talented friend & think to myself how lori of all people did not deserve the hand she was dealt
    I don’t know if you are aware of how proud of you she was. She was so very proud of you &your musical abilities, accomplishments & talent. Lori loved music as was your dad too. She was thrilled to be invited to hear one of your pieces in DC. & spoke ofyour klesma as I recall.
    Loretta had many friends. She was highly respected by all who knew her.

    I haven’t heard from Marc in a while. Marc came through beautifully for Loretta.
    I had my doubts at first, but later saw & understood all his efforts on her behalf.
    He made every effort to assure lori had the best possible care. He went the extra mile to get her placed in a facility that allowed pets.Then as she deteriorated he did his homework to get her placed in the best possible facility. Before she was real bad he brought her to my long island home to see her dear friends- giving us the last best glimpse to spend time with our friend. Marc made a lot of personal sacrifices on your sisters behalf.

    I hope you could reach out to him at some point.
    I hope you & your wife Melody are well & stay well
    I hope your sister lori passes peacefully
    Best wishes
    Cindy (from long island my & Brooklyn too)

    1. Dear Cindy:
      So kind of you to write! And thank you for your kind thoughts. I have been in touch recently with Loretta through Facetime and Zoom. I fear, she is in the final stages of her horrible disease but I still somehow try to reach out to her. She is now in a wheelchair and doesn’t even seem to recognize me. I have been playing my flute for her and she seems to respond by vocalizing so that is something.
      I communicate with Marc now and then. He still still cares very much for his wife.
      I will be having a zoom session with my sister tomorrow. Melody and I have been well. Feel free to contact me at any time.
      Best wishes,
      Once again,
      Thank you so much.

  3. Jay Vosk! So glad to have an Eastman flashback of you this morning! I remember swapping compositions with you on an assignment we turned in while we were in theory class. R. Gauldin said he knew immediately what we had done. Ha! Write me and tell me what you’ve been up to. We’re not getting any younger. Maybe, we should get together. Bob

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