Song of the Hours

Song of  the Hours is a trio for oboe, cello and piano. The title of the work is in reference to the canonical hours, particularly Matins and Laudes, i.e, the period of time just before and during dawn. These references are not liturgical in nature, but rather referential in terms of the natural world and how it unfolds in the early hours of the day.

The work is in three brief sections. In the first section, there is a lyrical dialogue between the oboe and cello This is followed by a fleeting scherzo-like section where there is an interplay wherein the oboe and cello together are paired in counterpoint to the piano. The final section of the work is, in general, a reprise of the opening section. However, now instead of having an accompanying role, the piano is placed in the foreground. 

Song of the Hours was premiered at an International Double Reed Society conference in Tokyo, Japan in 2014. The recording of the premiere is linked below. A score and set of parts is available on request.

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