Moon Phases for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon

Moon Phases Midi realization

It is believed that there is a correlation between the phases of the moon and one’s state of mind. My Moon Phases for oboe, clarinet and bassoon is a three movement piece; each movement being a  reflection on three of these phases and corresponding moods.

The first movement, New Moon, is introductory in nature and is meant to set the tone for the piece. It is believed that at the onset of the new moon, one should set one’s intentions for the coming lunar year.

The second movement is inspired by a Waxing moon. During  this phase, one is encouraged to be energetic. Here the music moves in that manner yet  with an air of mystery.

The final movement, Waning Crescent, is quiet and reflective in terms of  one’s thoughts and emotions.

A perusal score and parts are available on request

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