Be the First to Tame the Beast!

Taming the Beast is a work in three brief movements for baritone saxophone and piano. It was my intention to cast the baritone saxophone differently from its typical role as a bass instrument in a band or saxophone quartet.

In the first movement, one should imagine a ‘beast’ of sorts trying to resist capture. Here the instrument is in its higher register, and seems to be straining to set itself free. After a while the instrument returns to its lower, forceful nature, as if it had  freed itself for a time.

The second movement is a song in which the saxophone is seeking to replicate a human baritone voice singing an art song or lied. One would think that the saxophone has finally been contained  yet…

In the third movement, the baritone sax breaks free again and is on a rampage. It catches its breath now and again with a couple of cadenzas ,until the beast seems to be tamed, at least for now!

A PDF score and part is available on request. Taming the Beast is awaiting its first performance so you might be the first to Tame the Beast! Listen to the midi version below:

2 thoughts on “Be the First to Tame the Beast!”

    1. Actually, I wrote a piece called ‘ The Giant Stirred’ for Contrabassoon Solo. Susan Nigro recorded it on her ‘Cool Tunes ‘CD.I’ll send it to you later today.

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