Work in Progress: Horn Quintet

As things stand, my horn quintet will be a work in three movements. So far, the piece is a little more than a third of the way done.
If Structured in terms of tempo, I foresee the entire piece looking like this:
1.slow-fast-slow, II.moderate,III. fast-slow (or slow fast)

Barring any last minute revisions, the first movement is in place.
In the opening, or more aptly termed ‘introduction’,slowly swirling chromatic configurations in the strings cluster together in a kind of ‘knot’.This serves as an accompaniment to the horn.Here the horn stands out by conveying an angular, stately line.
The fast section continues this association between the horn and strings but with driving rhythms. In the course of the movement, a series of these ‘knots’ seem to alternately cluster and loosen up.
Prior to the conclusion of the movement, is a solo horn interlude..
In the middle movement, the horn appropriates some of the chromatic configurations of the strings. The string writing here is more open and airy..

Looking ahead I foresee sizable stretches of pulsing rhythms in the strings against which are set against punctuating repeated notes in the horn.

In a few weeks, I will provide an update of the work. Here is a sample:

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