Coming Soon: A Desert Aviary

Just  east of Tucson, Arizona in the Rincon Mountain range,one can escape into a pristine desert wilderness. Here, one stands above and beyond the sights and sounds of city life. At this special spot, listen, as the natural world whispers it’s delicate songs. The haunting sounds of wind blowing  through a saguaro cactus; the gentle rustling of desert brush, and ,what is particularly precious, the delicate calls of the indigenous wrens and warblers, all of which create a place of peace and solitude. This delicate aural array is like gossamer in sound. Indeed, the entire experience not only envelops the listener, but seems to fill one from within.


Such is the inspiration behind my composition A Desert Aviary. Formally, the work is a miniature concerto with a solo piccolo accompanied by the other three instruments. The work unfolds with a series of brief musical tableaux.  The bulk of the musical material is drawn from a smattering of desert bird songs awash with textures and timbres of my own design. All an all, I hope to leave the listener with but  a tiny sampling of the  delicate, and enchanting array of sounds emanating from the Sonoran Desert. Here is an excerpt for your perusal.