Introducing Bouncing Etudes for Timpani Solo

Bouncing Etudes-PDF-sample

I am pleased to announce the completion of my BOUNCE ETUDES for Solo Timpani. The three movement piece is approximately nine minutes in length. Each movement uses set pitches for each of the four drums. In the first movement, one might imagine some spherical objects that seem to bound along and propel themselves through space and time. Time is suspended for a brief period as the second movement begins. Here objects seem to float in space. The music is interrupted by a quick, fleeting scherzo section. After this music runs its course, the ‘floating music” returns. “Skipping ” is the best way to describe the third movement. Here the music is mostly driving and aggressive, but at times it is quite gentle. With a hasty flourish, BOUNCE ETUDES concludes.
If you’d like to purchase a copy of the piece, please contact me at:

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