Announcing Free Flights for Solo Trumpet

Free Flights for Solo Trumpet.

I am pleased to announce the availability of my Free Flights for Solo Trumpet. Below are my comments regarding the piece:

One advantage of writing a work for a solo  instrument is that the instrument doesn’t need to justify itself in a texture with  other instruments. Thus the instrument can function freely, much like a hawk floats through the sky or a person on a hand glider floats freely through the air. Free Flights for Solo Trumpet is in four brief movements each in reference to the movement of a body through the air.

In I. ‘Floating freely’. I try to capture the motion of a glider floating lightly through the air.  In 2, ‘With velocity’, is in reference to a jet streaking through the sky. ‘With Repose’ refers to the flight of a raptor such as a hawk effortlessly riding the thermals on a summer afternoon. The piece ends with ‘Fleeting’. Here I imagine a flock of doves rushing home as the sun sets at days end. Free Flights is around 8:30 minutes in length.

Here is a sample page so you may get a quick peek at the piece:

Freedom Flights – Tpt. samp.-PDF

Kindly contact me to purchase a full score of Free Flights:

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