Solo Instrument and Piano

Night of the Large Few Stars for Oboe and Piano (2004) (8 min.) PDF Sample

Eternity’s Music Faint and far for Bassoon and Piano (2005) (7 min.) PDF Sample

Running the Gamut for Tuba and Piano (2007) (6:30 min.)
for  Mark Nelson. Published by Tuba- Euphonium Press

Rittorno for Violin and Piano (2008)(8:30 min.)
for Composer’s Concordance

Monument for Native Flute and Piano (1998) (9 min.)
published by Zalo Publications

Notturno for Soprano Saxophone and Piano (1996) (8 min)
published by AUR Publications, and recorded on AUR Records

Showdown for Tuba and Piano (1997) (4 min)
published by Tuba-Euphonium Press

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano(2003) (13 min)

Unaccompanied Solo Instrument

Thaw for Solo Alto Saxophone (left hand alone) (1993) (6 min.) PDF Sample
pecorded on Crystal Records

Oasis for Solo Clarinet (1993) PDF Sample

Sun Salutation for Eb Clarinet (1 min) (2003)
For Guido Arbinelli
Recorded on Mnemes Records

Fantasy Pieces for Horn Solo (20170 (12 min.)
Commissioned by Johanna Lundy

Mixed Chamber Music

Dance Features for Brass Quintet and Percussion (revised 2008) (4 min)
For Homero Ceron and the Tucson Symphony Brass Quintet

Passionate Pursuit for Clarinet Violin and Piano (2007) (6:30)

Monument for Native Flute and String Quartet (1998) (9 min)
for James Pellerite

Chimera for Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and Marimba (1985) (7 min.)

Le Nid for Soprano saxophone, Violin, Bass Guitar, Vibraphone and  Double Bass (1983) (7 min.)