Chamber Music


Pastorals for Woodwind Quintet (2006) ( 12 min.)Premiered by The Paloma Winds (2007)

Doina for Clarinet Quartet (2012) (7 min)

Oasis for Solo Clarinet (1996) Premiered by Jerry Kirkbride of Dorian Wind Quintet

Pecking Orders for Three Piccolos Premiered at Arizona State University pecking.mp3

Night of the Large Few Stars for Oboe and Piano First Asian Performance, Beijing, China (2008)largefewstars.mp3

Mixed Doubles for Flute/Piccolo/ Alto Flute and Clarinet/Eb Clarinet/ Bass Clarinet (2004) (5 min.)


Midnight Passacaglia for Saxophone Choir (2 sop.,2 alto, 2 tenor, 2 baritone, bass) (1985) (9 min.)

Concert Duos for  Two Alto Saxophones (2006) (4 min.)

Diversions for Two Alto Saxophones (1984) (6 min.)

Points of Departure for Saxophone Quartet (2003) (8:30 min.)

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2004) (11 min.)axson.mp3

Parallel Universe for Saxophone Quartet (2006) (6:30)

Mechanical Dances for Saxophone Quartet (2009) (7 min)

Alto’s Rhapsody for 4 Alto Saxophones (rev. 2009)

Premiered at  Manhattan School of Music (2009)

Saxophonium Mundi for Saxophone Choir (ssaattbbbs)(2010) (7 min) Premiered 2011 by University of Southern Misssissippi Saxophone Choir



Fantasy Duo for Horn and Tuba (2002) (6 min.) PDF Sample for Victor Valenzuela and Mark Nelson

Whims for Horn Duet (2006) (6 min.)

Running the Gamut for Tuba and Piano (2009)(7 min) Premiered by Mark Nelson, Pima community College, 2010

Bridging the Gap  for Piccolo, Tuba, and Piano ( 2011)(10 min)

Dance Features for Brass Quintet and Percussion  2008(10 min)Premiered 2008 by members of Tucson Symphony

Preludio  for Trombone Quartet (2012) (6 min)

Freedom Flights for Solo Trumpet (2013) (7 min)PDF Sample


Trio Satz  for Piano Trio(2008) (7 min.) PDF Sample
for the Tucson Symphony Piano Trio

Viva Vivaldi! for String Orchestra (2002) (10 min)
for the Tucson Symphony Student String Festival

Canyons for String Quartet (2000) (14 min.) PDF Sample
for members of the National Symphony

Ahava Rabah  for String Quartet (2012)



Bouncing Etudes (2013) (7:30 min.) for Solo TimpaniBouncing Etudes-PDF-sample


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